Wear the sky – We are the sky

coming soon

Wear the sky – We are the sky is an art project where I will create 7 wearable paper sculptures, representing 7 different skies, representing 7 different countries. Remembering that even though we speak of different skies and cultures, it is all the same universe, the sky is without borders. We all breathe the same air; showing the world as one, presenting cultural uniqueness of each country and keeping traditional rituals and crafts alive are the three main pillars of this art project. I would like to inspire people from around the world and to create more awareness and understanding of the problems and future of our planet.
I have researched studied and learned ancient crafts and techniques from different cultures and countries, my aim is to preserve and apply them in a contemporary way. Another element of my series of wearable sculptures will be the different Ethnical elements and rituals originating from the different countries.
In most of my art works I have merged several cultural elements. In this project I would like to include them into 7 different art works and create one cohesive and united installation. Every sculpture will represent a different country. Even though I want to show unity - a universal sky-, I still will focus on the cultural and traditional specific values of each country. I want to show the difference in cultures and specific rituals and demonstrate that these differences make a stronger, completer, and more united world.

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