El Aumento - The Expand
sustainable art project

In 2016 I started working on this upcycle art project, which originated from my conviction that the figurative paintings I had made in the past did not have the right form and shape anymore. I felt the need to reinvent myself and work in an new way. I made the courageous decision to start cutting up my oil paintings and re-use/ upcycle the pieces. I decided to stop doing what the public expected from me, and become the artist that I wanted to be. So I destroyed my oil paintings and I reused them to create a new art series. I transformed my figurative art into abstract art, where all the symbols are repositioned and yet remain recognizable. My creative process continued even when my oil paintings had been completed - an old idea transformed into contemporary art.
I took the symbols and colours from my old paintings, and transformed them into abstract art.

art bakard