El Aumento - The Expand
upcycle art project

In 2016 I started working on this sustainable art project . It was originated because of my conviction that the figurative paintings I had made in the past did not have the right form and shape anymore. I felt the need to reinvent myself and work in an abstract way, giving expression to all symbols and colors used in my paintings in a new and different way. In other words my creative process continued even when my oil paintings were completed. I took a courageous decision and started to cut up my oil paintings and re-use/ upcycle the pieces. It results into 3-dimensional art objects starting with an old idea transformed into a contemporary piece of art. I used my figurative art and made them into abstract art, where all the symbols are repositioned and yet remains recognizable. I changed the vibrancy of the art works by regrouping the colors. Going back to the times of early geometry, I am making a step forward, revealing the simple beauty and magic of pyramids, lines and triangles. My recreation gives the opportunity to unite the pure mathematics with 3-dimensional abstract art. There is a parallel with rearranging the world order so to say, and create different point of view, to help explore the world in different dimensions.

art bakard