Le Grand Bleu

This project relates to the world culture. I apply ancient craft techniques taking them to a fine art level. All forms of inspiration and the core values I stand for, have led to this multimedia project. The ancient crafts I use come from an era when our planet was still clean. Putting my work in a new context of sustainability and multidisciplinary art. I apply the Shibori technique with Indigo and ink on different papers, such as washi, calligraphy, recycled and even pieces 300-year-old handmade Japanese papers. Placing many layers of semi-transparent paper exploring the possibility of creating the deepest blue color as symbol of endless sky and deepest ocean. The sky and the ocean are connecting us in a world without a border’s and we all breathe the same air. We are living in one Blue planet. Le Grand Bleu is expressive, passionate, powerful and intimate.  The blue shows the best of different worlds. It is my world.

Some paintings were donated for fundraising to the Amsterdam Dinner 2017, an annual gala event that supports the fight against AIDS. It completes the cycle of the blue project. This is the moon cycle in Valentine’s art, from inspiration to giving back.

art bakard