Wear the sky – We are the sky

coming soon

"We Are The Sky - Wear The Sky" is a multidisciplinary art installation that portrays how we are all interconnected by breathing the same air, surrounded by one sky. The sky isn't just above us; it's also between us, covering us, almost as if we are wearing it. The sky knows no borders. It highlights how people in cities have forgotten to look up at the sky and emphasizes the need to reconnect with nature and its resources in the right way.

In a (theater, exhibition, or other public) space, dyed Washi paper pieces hang down from the ceiling. As visitors walk through, they encounter four anthropomorphic silhouettes covered in sculptural wearables made of Washi paper. Each silhouette has its own form and unique details, representing the communities of the North, East, South, and West - communities from around the world. Together, they illustrate how diversity does not diminish their shared need for air, which is also shared, soaked in, and moved by the visitors themselves.

In another space, an experimental movie shows how the silhouettes move and interact with the air they wear, revealing more about their diverse backgrounds.

art bakard