The Cube Universe

2022 -  Paper Biennial; TRANSITION, Museum Rijswijk, The Netherlands

“The ancient crafts I use come from an era when our planet was still clean. I’m putting my work in a new context of sustainability and multidisciplinary art.”

For many years Valentin Bakardjiev is working on his project Le Grand Bleu. He applies ancient craft techniques taking them to a fine art level. He applies the Shibori technique with Indigo and ink on different papers, such as washi, calligraphy, recycled and even pieces that are 300-years old handmade Japanese papers. Placing many layers of semi-transparent paper exploring the possibility of creating the deepest blue colour as symbol of endless sky and deepest ocean.

The Cube Universe is the first interactive installation that he developed under this research. He wants to give the viewers chance to feel that they can have the universe in their hands and to see the problems around us in different perspectives. Having The Cube Universe literally in your hands is to understand the responsibility acting as a small individual is important to influence the future.

                                                                                                                                                     - Diana Wind

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