As an artist I have always been inspired by cultures from around the world with the intention and ambition to connect them and show the world as a unity without borders. Within my work, I search for new and different ways to apply ancient techniques and crafts to create contemporary art that connects the past with the present.

I was living and working in Bulgaria, Norway, the Dominican Republic, Italy (Milan) and now holding residency in The Netherlands (Amsterdam). In my career so far, I  had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Sofia and Chicago amongst others.
My work fuses traditional with the contemporary and The East with the West back together. Different Eras and communities in the world have in common that they all represent their local knowledge, customs and beauty in their own way. As they inspire me to make artistic research and work, I feel a responsibility to give something in return. Therefore, my work focuses on showing how cultures are connected by their effort of binding people, nature and artifacts together, making our planet a united place.
Using natural, recycled and upcycled materials (even from my previous projects), and applying ancient crafts is putting my work in a new context of sustainability and multidisciplinary art. For most of my projects I research and apply techniques from an era when our planet was still clean. Focusing on the nature, framing the nature, and reminding us that we are part of the nature I am creating awareness on the importance to keep the planet clean.

Cultural appropriation statement

Cultural exchange and appreciation are core values for me as an artist. Learning to understand a culture that is different from your own is important to broaden the individual's perspective and connect with others. Developing the skill of cultural or cross-cultural competence is challenging, but worth the journey as it is an important way to provide an opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and cultural awareness.
If you aspire to appreciate instead of appropriate, you’re already on the right track. I want to remind people to be mindful, still- do not stop being curious, keep learning and appreciating other cultures. Do it properly, with guidance and mindfulness and you will be the change needed to uplift, strengthen and amplify the world around us. My goal is to share ideas with others in order to help others learn more about the world.

Valentin Bakardjiev

2020    The Butterfly Effect, Amstel 41, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019     Salon Presentation, Genèva, Switzerland
2018     Le Grand Bleu, Gallery Amstel 41, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2017      Amsterdam Denim Days- Le Grand Bleu, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009    The Nature, Barneveld, The Netherlands
2008    Galerie Sir Jacobs, Tegelen, The Netherlands
2008    Gallery Irida, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005    Artegabriella, Busto Arsizio, Milan, Italiy
2005    Gallery Bojadiev, Burgas, Bulgaria
2004    Artegabriella gallery, Busto Arsizio, Milan, Italy
2001     Secrets Excellence - Dominican Republic
1999-2000 Gallery # 5 Chicago, USA
1997     Draka gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1993-1995 Mai gallery, Sliven, Bulgaria

2021     Shanghai international Paper Art Biennale, Fengxian Museum, Shanghai, China
2021     IAPMA Paper Art Exhibition “APPROACH”, mingeikan, toyota, aichi, Toyota city FC Museum, Japan
2021     Geumgang Nature Art Pre-Biennale, Nature Art Cube Exhibition, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
2021     XXIV Mini Textiles Salon, Centro Argentino de Arte Textil- CAAT, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2021     SPAF- Amateras, National Pallas of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018     Art Paris Art Fair, Le Grand Palais, Paris France
2018     Affordable Art Fair, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011      Masters of Luxury, RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008-2011 Open Art Fair, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2005    Sala del Bramante, Rome, Italy
2005     Premio Open Art, Rome, Italy
2002     The textile art in Bulgaria, Union of Bulgarian Artists gallery Sofia, Bulgaria
1998      International Symposium for Plastic Arts - Via Pontica - Iasna Poliana, Bulgaria
1998      The Balcony Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria
1997      National Palace of Culture - Bulgarian illustration, Sofia, Bulgaria
1995      Pals gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
1995      Draka gallery, Sofia Bulgaria
1992      Akrabov gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1992-1995 Vitosha gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1992      Opus gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
1990-1995 Union of Bulgarian Artists-UBA “Shipka 6” gallery The Spring & the Autumn Salon
1989      Sirak Skitnik gallery, Sliven, Bulgaria

2021  Winner SPAF- Amateras, the best Bulgarian artist, Le Grand Bleu, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
2014  Winner BASGrafiekPrijs, the best graphic art with the silkscreen 'Directions of Life'
2011   Second prize, Contest 'Silver' for the 25th Anniversary of Business Art Service -
           Utrecht , The Netherlands
2004 Golden Medal - Fine Art Competition after the name of C. Frigerio in Corsico, Italy

2021   IAPMA bulletin- issue #60- Power- *Le Grand Bleu
2020  Bluebee Magazine-issue #5- Hyacinth- *The Butterfly Effect, London, United Kingdom
2018   Amsterdam Newspaper- april 5/2: publication- interview- Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2017   Denim Freaks- Online magazin- Le Grand Bleu
2013   Capolavoro di uomo, masterpiece of man- Washington DC, USA
2013   Book cover of the Bulgarian translation of “Damned strong love” by Dr. Lutz van Dijk
2011    25 years Business Art Service- Utrecht, The Netherlands
2005  Sala del Bramante, Premio OpenArt- Roma, Italy
2002  The Textile Art in Bulgaria- Sofia, Bulgaria

2020          New York University-J.M. Tisch, NYU Hospitality and Tourism Industry Essentials
2017            Amsterdam Museum Academy – Hospitality 2
1989 Dimitar Dobrovitch High School of Arts - Sliven Bulgaria

2020-present IAPMA - International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists
2004-present The group of C. Frigerio, Corsico, Italy
1995- present The Union of Bulgarian Artists
1989- present The group of Sliven artists Bulgaria


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